Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We are so flattered!

We have been featured on a blog again and i am so touched and ...well...proud ... to see that our hair art is so pleasing to so many folks. We have dreamed of being full time artists for ever, and now that it is coming to fruition it feels very surreal...and we love it!

THis blog talks about lots of other things as well, and if you are interested in growing and caring for you hair, or photography, you should follow. Jessica, the writer is a very caring, intuitive person and i love to read anything she has to say! we don't always agree, mind you, but that is how a solid friednship takes place, as you learn to care for eachother AND your differences, and even because of them. Having a friend with different life experiences will enhance your life, as they have something to offer you that you don't have!
Thank you Jessica, as my Love Language is words of encouragement, you just filled my love tank to the brim!  a Great book by Gary Chapman, if you are interested!
Love to all of you out there, Kimi

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  1. Oh, gosh, you guys deserve it! You know I just adore you (and your work!)

    My dad actually recommended the Language of Love book to me (and actually bought it for me, as well.) It really does make a lot of sense and is easily applied to relationships of all types.