Monday, September 27, 2010


WE have had several requests for apple wood, and after much searching have acquired a beautiful piece that is suitable to make hairforks!!! it really is lovely, there seem to be lots of colors in it, and it looks chatoyant all the way is hard to tell until we get one to a finished point but we think it is going to be really beautiful in a hairfork! we also got a new piece of Zircote, and it has mostly heart wood, very little of the lighter sap wood, and a new piece of figured cocbolo wood..YUMMmmmmm...i am anxious to get forks going on these new woods!!...since the Apple wood piece is fairly small, i would like to hear from those of you who wanted an apple wood fork, so i know what styles to cut out! In the mean time, we have to make a few so we can see and show off the wood graining!
This fork with the antennae on it is something we have been wanting to do for months , and now that we are closing in on holidays, they are finally made! this was so fun to wear, so animated and lightweight! this would be alot of fun for costume accessory, or teachers, or even for Christmas wear!  we have already had a custom request for this in different wood with eyes on the ends so if your heart is aching for something just ask!!!

On a new note, i have acquired a set of hair braids from Puppycatmeow and  I am SO pleased with them!! Tressa was wonderful to work and communicate with, and although you should ask for color swatch samples for a really good match, we did mine with only a few photos and here is the result! this is one braid, wrapped around my hair in a high ponytail for a "Jeanie" type look..i secured the braid to my ponytail with an elastic, wrapped and tucked the ends and used one of our wooden hair forks to hold it all in place!  it makes me feel like a queen and i am sorely tempted to get a few more different ones now!!! she is very busy this time of year, but the quality is amazing , the prices are so reasonable and they really can help give an updo the little boost it needs, or the outlandish look you want for halloween!

Although i have waist length hair, it is layered and i am unable to do a pretty braid, so these were exactly what i i am going pippy longstocking style with one on each side LOL
THe wood fork helped not just hold the braid in place but give the weight of the updo support. It worked fabulously!  i wore this most of the day yesterday and really forgot i had anything other than my hair on!!
Thank you so much, Tressa, for the fabulous color match and the quality of work you do! i am looking at some rosettes next......HMmmmmm

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Sunday!

We hope you are having a lovely and relaxing day of rest today! We have just listed alot of new forks this week and have amny more on the way, many with fall or autumn themes, we got a new batch of glass evil eyes for the Halloween season and we have ordered some new wood at the request of many customers..Apple wood! we also found a beautiful piece fo zircote that we believe will make some exotic and amazing new forks...

We have to set a cut off date for our custom orders for the holidays so we wanted you to be able to plan for that now. Our international customers will need to have thier custom orders placed by Oct 15th, and for domestic or inthe US orders, by Oct 30th...we need 2-3 weeks to complete them, depending on what they are and then of course shipping times are much slower after that we want to allow for that as well. We are able to offer expedited shipping for an extra fee and if you are interested int hat please send us an email or convo, we will respond very quickly to you!
There are so many fun findings out there, i hope you find something you love in what we have chosen to decorate our hairforks with and we gladly take custom requests for whatever you would like on them!
we tend to go with earthy and bizarre on our own, so if you are looking for something different , please feel free to ask! i wil do my best to find it ,or you can send us what you want on your fork and we will work with youto accomplish that as well.

The safety and health of your long locks is very important to us, and we have designed our forks to be different that what has been available, to be strong and not break with hair pressures, and to be organic and unique, crafted to be heirloom quality and last you through all hair lengths. If you have any questions about our hair art, or about hair in general, please feel free to ask that as well, and we will do our best to get you fitted to the right fork for your hair, help you with any hair issues you may have or send you to the right people to get answers!
Please be sure to check out the shop for hair treatments that are resotrative and healing as well as fabulous smelling!
ANd, i have ablog post coming this week about another fabulous item for hair fun that i found at  and there will eb pictures to demontrate the fun as well.
FOr now, have a lovely day and take care of those tresses! i hope you enjoyed the pictures here!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today we would like to know what YOU want to see...

Usually i am sharing something with you about Love or about our studio, our process of making hair forks....but today, i want to put a call out to all of our fans and followers and any of thier friends who want to answer!

We want to know, what do you want to see in your hairfork makers? what is missing in the hair toy industry? what makes our forks your favorite, or your least favorite? what would YOU do different, or want us to do better for our hair forks?

We LOVE long hair, and we make these hair forks to help you have a sturdy, long lasting heirloom quality hair fork or stick that is functional and yet as beautiful as a piece of art in your hair!  When you have very long hair, keeping it up hleps keep it healthy and safe. It also gives you tons of styling options!! LOng hair is NEVER boring!!! just check you tube for long hair updos, you will be bombarded!!

so, today we want to know what we are lacking that you are looking for!!Or what we do that you love and do not want to see change!

Thank you so much for your patronage, your encouragement and your continued support..also for commenting here, and be honest!! we are ready to start a new pattern, a new design, and want your input!
Much love and thanks in advance to you all!
Kimi & Stacy

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Labor day holiday, the day after labor day

Believe it or not, we really don't like crowds. When you are younger, it seems like if life could be a rock concert, all would be well..then , somehow it reverses and you start to enjoy quiet, and peace and aloneness...well, we moved out here for the alone-ness factor, and the opportunities for it are great! But, summer time holidays weekends, all the alone places are PACKED with screaming families in, having the beautiful job of working at home, we took our day off for the week on Tuesday, and everyone was passing us going down the mountian with thier campers, we were driving up...

There were no signs of fall yet, i thought perhaps the aspens would have a tinge of yellow to them, but they did not.

Our original hopes were to see the salmon migrating upstream in thier bright red glory, but alas, there were NO fish to be seen in the stream at all..but we did find this beautiful vine with the seeds from the sacred tree of Pandora!

This is looking up the stream where the salmon migrate, or spawn..they are not natural to this body of water and were brought in years ago.

We drove down in to a campground and there was a pack of mountiain goats! We had never seen them in person since we moved west, and there they were! ( Are they packs, herds, groups, flocks, ...i don't know but) there was a bunch of them, several collared and tagged. But this handsome fellow was sure to keep his eyes on us. We sat by the stream and had lunch with our pups. One of the goats, i think the momma , kept a bit away from us but growled loud enough to make me have visions of being on those shows where stupid people try to pet the bears at national parks...i wanted to get in the car but Stacy thought we were far enough away, and sure enough i worried for nothing. The dogs never even barked at the goats at all!

Loving the beautiful landscape here makes us take pictures of rocks, lots of rocks. This one looked fairly normal until you see me in the looked like it was balanced on the tiniest bit of stone, as if a breeze could knock it over so of course i had to go stand in its shadow...:D
A bit farther out on our way back we saw MORE goats! after not seeing any ,it was a boon day for goats, and we only saw one deer. Usually we see lots of deer and elk on this drive..but only goats this trip. You can see the beautiful red rock cliffs behind the trees in this picture..

Then, we were almost home... we are always so inspired to get back to creating after a trip up the mountain. ALthough no fall colors were evident, we did feel the coolness in the air and it was lovely.
I hope you enjoyed a tiny peek at our Labor Day adventure and enjoyed the scenery as much as we did!
Love to you all
Kimi & Stacy

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hide-A-Heart and our Anniversary!

Hi Everyone! I wanted to share with you about our wedding anniversary that we celebrated this week.
It starts with Country Magazine...several years ago we read a lovely story about a couple who would hide SHMILY around the house for eachother as a game, for the other one to find..SHMILY refering to "See How Much I Love You" and that would be a small reminder to each of them that the other one was truly in love with them all the time, even when it wasn't said out loud, or didn't seem to know those times...
well..we started to play this game! At first it was a pencil writing on the wall in various places...then my crafty husband made me a piece of wood and inlaid SHMILY in the wood oval and we would hide it back and forth..but i found this place...

They actually MAKE glass hearts for this very game! I was so excited when they agreed to make me a SHMILY heart for our anniversary!
The heart comes BEAUUUUTifully packaged with the story to the hide a heart, and adorable little flowers and hearts confetti, a baggie with a card and a little heart on a string too! Now, yours won't say SHMILY, but they have a range of options for saying and are open to custom orders! it is such a fun way to keep love alive, as we all know life, work, kids, jobs, stress can get in the way of sharing your love for your spouse, and what is more important?!?! we need to keep the love alive, get the divorce rate down and the happy spouse rate UP! and i believe this is one way you can add a little spark back into your marriage!  i would keep it above small hands reach, and make it a fun secret game that noone else in the house knows about, so it can be a romantic little get away for you when you find your hide a heart..your spouse may be at work and it will bring you a smile, a butterfly in your tummy, or inspiration for a welcome home from work evening together:0)
Even if you have a great marriage, this can just add to the love...i hope you will go see thier options, read thier story and become thier fan on facebook as well!!/HideaHeart?ref=sgm

Love to you all