Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sizes and Names and Woods, Oh MY!

Happy Saturday Everyone!! its snoring here, meaning its raining and snowing all at once, i hope its better where you are LOL!!

We have had many questions on our sizes and names of styles of hair forks , so i am going to try and give a visual reference here. The pictures are of a couple different styles, with 4 sizes in each picture. 

 This picture is our Mermaids Tail Hair Fork. It is a 2 prong fork, and from left to right we show our original size, which is more for dreadlocks, or Extreme long thick hair. It is 7 inch FP length in this picture. We can use the tops of most of them to make any length of tines, except on the micros which are not in the pictures.
 This is our Wave style hair fork, and it comes in 2, 3,4,5, prongs. we can also make this with wider or narrower tops and different length tines, within the strength of the wood.
This picture shows my hand holding the original size wave to give a size reference. The topper on this one is close to 4 inches across. 

I did not have a Threnody in our original size here to make a picture . That style is the one with the asymmetrical wavy top. The Jugendstil is the carved petals , and comes in 2 prong or 3 prong. We also make a cyclops, which most of our micros are shaped after. 
we also make a scooped moon top on some of the Mermaids tail tines, and we have just introduced the Dune fork. This fork is not bigger than the Threnody topper, but in the pictures it must look bigger as many of you have commented on it! we are making it in a lilli and mini lilli size as well! 

We hope this has helped, and we will get more pictures for you and be glad to answer any questions you have about our sizes, shapes or custom orders! you can find us on Artfire, Etsy, and Facebook.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New 2012 Designs are coming..#1 Dune!

Happy New Year Everyone!! 
 Welcome to 2012, and in honor of a new year we have designed a few new items that will be coming out this month...the  first one is a new hair fork we are naming Dune!
This is a carved top that has an elemental twist in it, featuring a small area on the back as well that gives movement to the piece. Each wood is going to look different, and here we have started with 3 woods.
 The wood on the left is new to our studio, African Satin Wood. It is a pale creamy yellow with lots of chatoyance and wave. The middle wood is also new, Mun Ebony. It has dark green to black with golden tan colors in the grain. Stunningly beautiful in person. The grain patterns vary and some are quite spectacular!
 The last wood pictured is Maple wood. a classic that never goes out of style!
 This is the satin wood in action, these will be available in smaller sizes, this is a lilli size fork.
 The maple wood in action...
The mun ebony wood in action.

We look forward to unveiling our next new creation very soon, and hope that you will enjoy and soon be wearing a Dune piece of hair art in your updo !