Saturday, June 20, 2009

shopping around treasures!

Well, I have been just cruising around artfire and etsy today, checking out everybodys stuff...We artisans are amazingly creative and diverse people! I am just in awe of all the lovley things,from painting to woven fibre arts..If only I had millions of dollars I could get something from everyone and I would love to support all of us ! But, alas, I won my first thing a few weeks ago from ...But I wanted to share this shop , I adore these earrings!

The shop is and she has lots of lovely treasures to see and buy!
We are having a "play with clay day" with our friends and thier kids today so I am busily gathering my tools from around the house..which I do my art ALL over the house! ANyone else do that? At work I am OCD about clean and order but at home I am opposite!:0) Well, in any event have a great weekend and Fathers day for all Dads out there and See ya soon! Love to all of you fellow artists, in bunches!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ok,a wierd thing happened to me today..

Hey all! I had a fun thing happen to me today..I was out back feeding and tending the bunnies and i felt something brush by my pant leg..i thought it was my dog but I could not see her, so I started to look around and I saw some golden fur in the bushes, but it was so small, I leaned in closer and a PRAIRIE DOG ran out across the yard! I have never seen them in town at all let alone in my yard!!That was fun.

We have some new hair toys on our etsy shop and we are still offering FREE SHIPPING ON HAIR STICKS through June so take advantage of that! A celebration of summer updo's!
The one with wood burned leaves and vines was scarfed up as soon as I posted it but I have more coming and the woodburning designs come out just lovely on the maple wood background! The others have stones set in them. The one pictured here has black snowflake obsidian adorning it.The top picture is the first one we made and I got to keep it!:0) They hold your hair really well and look stunning and dramatic.

Friday, June 5, 2009

CrAzY TrAiN rider

This dragonfly pin is beautiful! I think dragonflies are fun, and deep red is a new fave color. Her shop is full of Hawaii inspired treasures and a real treat to the eyes! stop over and get something lovely for your summer wardrobe!


Good morning to all! I just got some really fun news..I WON! On . She is having a name the jewelry contest and I won! I rarely win anything and this made my day! I hope you will pop on over and checkout her etsy shop too. She does have a gift for design and color, even if she does not feel naming is the best of her creative talents!

Thank you Teresa Rose and I am sending love and blessings your way!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's my day, what do I say...?

Hello all! I have not been blogging as I have been in a bad flare-up, my hands are not working right! BUt I had to say, THANK YOU ALL

It is my 2 days to ride the crazy train..lots of visitors to the shop, no sales yet but really wierd to see our shop everywhere! OK, wierd-good!:0) I am so proud of my husband, who does all the wood working. His items are so beautiful , the pictures really do not do them justice...

That is what I have been working on, getting our pictures in both our Etsy and Artfire shops retaken in better light. It is a real task, retaking/reposting and I am so impressed with the great pictures I see everywhere because it is tough to get one! I am going to try a light box, i just found a great" "recipe" for one here And it is in keeping with the budget friendly feel of the times as well!

Once again I would like to say thank you all for spreading the word about crazy train, Grah-Toe Studio and Love and blessings to you all! I will be back!!WHOOWHOOO