Thursday, June 17, 2010

The circle of life...

Always remember that problems contain values that have improvement potential.

Move away from past failures and mistakes and go forward without letting them be a weight upon you. Every night when you lie down to sleep practice dropping the day into the past. Look confidently to the future with God.
Choosing not to answer the phone, on selected occasions, can be an empowering decision and can greatly reduce the stress in your home life.

Once again, valuable and timely words from PTD newsletter! I try to do these things to help life in our home be smoother and stress free, but it is a daily thing, we must live each day, IN that day and do our best!
Love to you all

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  1. It's true. Choosing not to answer the phone can be a very empowering thing. Opting not to allow negativity into your life can be a powerful thing!

    Gorgeous fork, BTW. It looks stunning in your hair.