Wednesday, June 9, 2010

GIve some love away, its Wednesday!

""We can't live all bright days, but one thing is true, no cloud is so dark that the sun can't shine through.
TODAY make an effort to enjoy whatever you must do..

It is an absolute, demonstrable fact that the person who really practices love---real love---rises so high above fear that it can no longer touch him. Where love is, fear cannot live. Love withers fear.""

THese are both quotes from my Positive Thoughts for The Day letter and it is what i am aiming for! to be so full of love that fear cannot immobilize me, or make me feel sick. SO full of love that no cloud can rain on my parade!
Today,  I AM making that effort, to enjoy all that i have to do...laundry, cooking, dishes, sanding hair forks, editing photos, all of it! Join in with me!
Remember that the most powerful motivation is spiritual motivation. So expose yourself to the spiritual. FOr me, the Bible, the Word of GOd  is the SPiritual motiviation that i look to for this strength and this love!

Happy WEdnesday Everyone, and be sure to give some love away today! You get more back when you give it away!!!
Stop over to kind over matter and get some inspirations from them too! 
Love to you all

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