Monday, June 21, 2010

Hair Swords....Yes, i said swords...

As you all know, we love to make hair toys. Hair toys that are made especially well, to hold very long and/or thick hair. Hair Forks and sticks that are unique, and have our character built into them.Stacy wanted to make some wood hair swords for hair sticks. Cool, ok, lets do it! Well, Stacy aslo loves to make little things that are detailed. The wood hair swords were a hit!

Then, we decided to wrap the handles, with wire or leather. That was a hit as well, they are really fun and cool looking!

Then, we got a request for a detailed, miniature japanese katana, ray-skin wrapped handle and all. We got pictures and off to the garage Stacy went! He made the little tiny metal parts that go around the blade and hilt gaurd, he watched tutorial videos on authentic Japanese sword handle wrapping. and we went in search of the right materials to do this process, tiny. Since then our swords have been a big hit, and they are getting better and better everytime! we now carry some pairs of katana wrapped pairs, that have the look of katanan wrap but are not toally authentic in their beginning and ending, but it keeps the cost down a bit.
Then, the order that tickled Stacy to no end, was for a hair sword, metal blade in a sheath that could be worn in the hair. THe blade would be invisible while sheathed, and it would look like just a large stick was holding the hair. For this order, he made a display stand like the real swords are often see on.

Then when the sword orders continued he decided to make the little stands to go with any sword that was over $100. It looks really cool, and it is our very special free gift to you. When Stacy puts WAY too much time into these amazing swords already, this is a real treat, becuase the swords are amazing. His craftsmanship is very detailed and fine, and he works on these swords until they are really well done, wether it takes 2 or 3 times the amount of time he thought, he is going to make it right!
Now i was a little put off by the idea or using ray skin...that is sting ray leather. I ADORE sting rays. I think they are one of the most beautiful creatures ever. I have a sterling silver bracelet made with a stingray as each link! But the truth of the matter is, the villagers who catch these rays for food, make money selling the skins as well, and they are going to continue to eat a very reliable food source for them and why waste the parts?! honestly, i am not being cheeky here, i thought long and hard about this. They have been using this material on sword handles for ages. IT makes them look very authentic and cool, and it helps support the people making thier living off of fishing in small villages all over the world.
SO, our sword brag is now at a close for the day, i am just so proud to offer these beautiful and amazing hair sticks to our customers, i wanted to give a little background, tell you about the sword stands and why we send them with some and not with others....and we will sell them as well if requested.
Thanks to all of our customers, we would love to see hair sword action pictureson our facebook page!!
Love to you all

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