Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A new Fork Design for the Fork Tuck Bun!

 Finally! I have been trying to do the fork tuck bun, but having thick hair, have not been  able to weave my hair in between any of the tines on my hair forks....but...i had a broken fork here that we removed the center tine from..and VOILA! it works!!! so, if any thick hairs are interested, we are going to start making the wave shape fork without its center tine for you so we can all do the fork tuck bun!

 I had to start with the fork upside down, holding it in my right hand, and using my left hand to weave my hair in a figure 8 around the tines...and at the end there was a little creative twisting and tucking ...

 It did take quite a bit of practice to get the tightness right, you have to leave enough room in the length to flip the fork and not pull yourself into a facelift! it makes a lovely full chignon/frech twist hybrid look and i think its beautiful!
 I have shown it from several angles here, and i might do a video too, in tandem with our already present fork tuck bun, to demonstrate it for thick hair.

I would really love your feedback on the fork, and if anyone with thick hair would be interested in having the tines this wide and straight to do the fork tuck bun!

WE have also started stocking up our Artfire studio, and we don't get a lot of traffic there yet, there are some gems sitting there, waiting to be snatched up! hope to see you there, and get your feedback on the new fork!