Friday, August 31, 2012

Avalon Tusk Hair Forks

Hello fellow long hair lovers!!
 We have a name for our newest hair fork design, the Avalon Tusk! the above picture is one in holly wood in action. The picture below is a 3 prong version in Spalted Pecan wood.
 We are making this fork in 2 tine pairs, 3 prongs will be available in the shop in a variety of sizes, and 4 prongs will be on special order only.
 Having an extra prong or 2 on the inside of your very large updo , as well as along the head, is a great help in holding lots of hair!!  This brilliant design by Stacy also adds a little extra volume to your updo without adding pull.
 We are very proud to offer our newest creations to you in our Artfire and Etsy studio shops !!!
 As always, we welcome requests and custom orders, and look forward to the ideas you will all be coming up with for this hair fork topper, we know we have lots of ideas and they are coming as fast as we can make them! they will have carved toppers, inlaid stones and marbles, and all kinds of fun things!
The holidays are coming up fast too, and we offer gift certificates if you don't know what your favorite long haired friend needs!
Also, a new feature on Artfire, some items have a comment for coupon button, its an opportunity to get a little extra off our new great prices!!
sending out love to you all, and may your hair grow ever longer!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Hey Everyone!! sorry for being away for so long! 

We have had some big things going on at Grah-Toe Studio and we are sharing an anniversary celebration with you by offering 30% off coupons until saturday 8- 18-12..Use the code  anniversary30  BEFORE you check out on either Artfire or Etsy. Custom orders, snowflakes and compass' are not included.

we have also designed and named a new hair fork! it comes in a pair of 2 prongs set, a 3 prong and a 4 prong, and its name is the Avalon Tusk. The 4 prong version will be custom order only. This tulip wood 3 prong will be available in the shop this weekend, or you can send me a message if you would like it! we will have more 2 prong sets for listing next week! Congratulations to the 2 winners of the naming contest!