Monday, June 28, 2010

A New little peek into Grah-Toe Studios

Hi Everyone! Well, you wanted to see more about the making of hair forks and here is one little peek! Stacy is working at his station with his visor and light on, one more step bringing the forks closer to completion! They go through ALOT to get from "Unborn Hairforks" to what you see listed in the shop and get in your boxes of goodies in the mail!

This is where I do the polishing, weighing of boxes for shipping and taking all the photos in the light box. We made the light box very simply, from directions on the Strobist blog. This one is our second one, always striving to be better, right!?

And here is one of the results of the labors! This beautiful fork is not quite finished, but the inlay is lovely and i wanted it to be the example here. The fork gets drawn on, then Stacy carves it out, does the inlay, rough sands it and it comes to me for finsihing! this designis classical and elegant, silver inlaid with lapis around and in the leaves, an heirloom quality and designed fork!
Well, we hope you enjoyed this to do more sanding!
Much love and appreciation to all of you!

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  1. I love these posts about how a fork is made. It's really interessting.