Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It was SO exciting to accidently come upon....

SO, this morning i grabbed my coffee and went to the computer, like ususal, and when i got to the etsy link, i was at this treasury...
 and i thought, well, that's wierd, i didn't go to treasury, so, still not awake obviously, i typed in the etsy shop again and there it was....and then it hit me, the treasury we are in is ON THE FRONT PAGE OF ETSY! I screamed! DH came running in fear for my life...i was so ..jubilant! it was like a prayer answered, a dream come true..who would ever think we would make it to the front page....YIPEEEEEEEEE!!!
3 cups of coffee later and lots of dancing and spreading the word, i am back to earth now and praying that we get more business from it as well as the exposure! 
That made my day!

 On a new item note, we introduced our new pocket / purse mirrors today! they are going to be available by themselves, and some will be in sets with a dainty detangler, or a fork or comb! Right now the only woods we have them in are cherry, walnut, padouk and zebrawood. As you can see, they are not nearly the size of our first mirrors, these are hand sized, and will come in thier own sleeping bag for safe carrying! thie one pictured had a knot that we filled with malachite. The others will be customizeable, we can woodburn or engrave or carve or inlay your monogam or whatever your heart desires on the backs of them! butterflies, hearts, names, anniversary dates, whimsical woodland leaves and vines..whatever we can dream up together!
As with our big mirrors, these are made so that the if they are laid glass down the wood will be what is touching the surface, to help reduce scratching on the mirror. They are really cute and we are proud to offer them to you!
Thank you all, for helping us get as far as we have in our career. We look forward to new and exciting designs, and a furthering of our handmade love affair with hair art!
Love to you all

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  1. Wow! That's awesome - congrats!

    BTW, we just picked the same blog background LOL!

    Also BTW, I'd love to see the rest of the tour of the workshop! (-;