Monday, January 25, 2010

Our First 5 Prong Hair Fork is Born

After much debate, and cutting, sawing, sanding and finishing the new baby has arrived! Our Studio's very first 5 tine Hair Fork! This first model is made of walnut wood and we placed a decorative and functional piece of Holly in the top. THe Holly serves as a reinforcement and of course, it's beautiful wood! This shape is the PCT (princess crown tulip) and will be available in our studio starting next week! My hair is not nearly long enough yet for this fork, but i know alot of you ladies have a bun that has a 5 inch diameter and this will be just the fork for you! it is comfortable as it is curved to fit the head. The tines have a slight curve to them to give a firm hold. And, of course, they are finished smooth and have a beautiful sheen.

We are also debuting our new line of shawl pins, or Hair Rings, and here is a picture of the perfect one to come out at the beginning of February

These are made from laminations tha Stacy sliced and glued, then cut and routed and made matching pins. We sand these just as extensively as our hair forks and they are finished the same way as well. THese are so much fun! we have a leaf, hummingbird,wing,ONE,and a double love birds!

Our sale to celebrate the debut of these new designs goes until the 29th so be sure to coem over and grab your favorite hair fork or ring that you have been drooling over before they are all gone!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sweetheart of a sale starts at midnight!

Well, we have been slaving away on our new shawl pin line and ...WHEWWW..they are here and we are so in love with them! They really turned out great..we have leaves,rings, flames, wings, antlers, One, and coming..hearts!

Our Big unveiling sale starts tonight at midnight and runs through the 29th..25% off of everything in the shop! This is to celebrate the new shawl pins, and to clear out last years stock for more new and exciting things to come!!!

We have had so much snow this week...but the good thing about snow is the temperature comes up!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Grah-Toe Studio's New stuff!

We have some new and exciting things going on at Grah-Toe Studio! Today, we introduced our newest shape in hair forks, the Princess. She is a beauty, perched atop a cinnabun or any fancy twist you can imagine! Inspired from several directions, the Princess is flower,fleur-de-lis,crown and imagination! We also have the Princess fork coming in our very first 5 tine fork! There will be a line of shawl pins introduced at the end of this month with various designs, including antler, inlay stone work,beads and wood.
We would love to hear from you about your favorite item in our shop! and by leaving a comment about that item you are in a drawing for a whittled wood chain!
Love to you all!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A tiny spoon of what's to come.

Did you ever get a tiny spoon at the ice cream shop of any flavor you wanted? well, here's a tiny spoon of Grah-Toe Studio...
We are currently in the process of designing a new hair fork...with 5 Prongs! Now, we have had many requests for this and we have been pondering and working on it so we want to temp you with a little spoon so that you will keep watching for it!
ANd we are starting a line of shawl pins as well, as i have become fascinated with shawls lately and notice that a lot of women wear then regularly. It fits in well with the production of hair forks and we are having a blast making all this new stuff! We would love to have any suggestions, ideas, or just stop in and say hello to us! And of course, we encourage custom orders anytime and give them our best attention. Hope to hear from you soon!
Love to you,Kimi

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I found a wonderful friend,..and scarf..

Over the month of December, we traveled to do an arts/craft show in Ohio. Well, the show is another story for another time, BUT we met and became friends with a wonderfully ingenious and lovley lady,Jen Schwietz. She has designed a new scarf, called ScarfeDiem and i want to share this with you all because I LOVE IT.
The scarf itsself is cozy fleece, and it is long enough to warp around several different ways, but, the really cool part is that she has designed a way to have removeable,interchangeable and mixable beads on the end of your scarf! You can have several colors or types of beads, and because they are changeable the eternal and necessary accessory of scarf can become exciting again!
It comes in 4 colors, cream,brown,black and grey, comes with a set of starter beads and then you can mix and match all sorts of combinations from there! You can match your purse and shoes for date night, then have a simple everyday design, and a weekend fun change! And this scarf is not only classy and beautiful, but it is WARM! Well, if you can't tell, I am in love with mine and i hope to hear stories from some more of you about what you think..she has a facebook fan page too and i am sure she would appreciate that!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Monthly Give Away Begins!

Happy New year Everyone!
Well, Instead of trying to start all new this year , we are starting Out of the box to begin with! Starting the year off with a hand carved and signed whittled wood chain . Just go to our art fire shop here and tell us what your favorite item in our shop is! Just leave your fave item and email address in the comments here and we will contact the winner on Feb 4. The winner will be randomly drawn.
Thank you so much!