Sunday, June 13, 2010

Unborn Hair forks...

Part 2 of the behind the scenes of Grah-Toe Studio..these are unborn hair forks! When choosing the woods, we have to make sure the grain is strong in the tines, and beautiful in the top....we have to be sure the arch of the tines has strenght...there is a lot to consider, along with the aesthetics of it all!
and then there are these kinds of final outcomes..

This custom inlay was made with slabs of turquoise, instead of powder. Each petal was shaped and cut by Stacy, and fit until they looked as we needed together, then he had to cut them into the wood! after they were secured in, we had to refinish the fork but the result is just stunning! Over 6 hours of work..what do you think?
Hope you have a blessed Sunday,restful and rejuvenating and see you again soon!
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Love to you all, Kimi

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