Friday, September 9, 2011

Custom Orders are Open..YEAAA!!!!

 It is so good to be ready to open our custom orders up for you again! We are very excited for the creative ideas to come flowing in and to start a new holiday season with some new designs!


We’re making a few changes to the custom guidelines in order to be fair to everyone (Stacy included). In the past our custom orders list had grown to a point where wait times for customers were very long,  and we had no time for artistic freedom, much less maintaining a decent inventory for sale. We  plan to spend part of  our available time on customs, and part on maintaining inventory each day.
We will complete each custom order before we start on a new one, and will let you know how long we expect your order to take.
There will be a maximum of 2 items per order.  If you would like to order more items,We will place your next order at the next open place in the list, and complete your first order , move through the list and then when we get to your next request we will contact you for the deposit. By making these  changes, we’re hopeful that we can move through the list more quickly and allow us to not feel quite as pressed about not having time for our own creations to continue as well as your beauties!
 WE are going to require a deposit before we begin any custom orders over $100. There is also going to be a custom order fee, that we will add into your price quote at the beginning of the order. It will be $10+ depending on how we have to gather materials, come up with new patterns or whatever work needs to be done. We do love to make extremely unusual and cool items for you!!
WE have contacted most of the people who were waiting to hear from us, and are waiting to hear back from a few people, but right now we can start on who ever gets their order in first!
Holiday Orders: If you are out of the USA and want to get a custom order for the holidays, we will need to hear from you at the latest by Nov1. SHipping is much longer around the holidays and we need time not only to make your custom pretty but also to get it to you in time, so keep this in mind!!

We appreciate you all so very much and look forward to the exciting hair toys you have been dreaming of! Love and blessings to you all
Stacy & Kimi
Grah-Toe Studio