Monday, March 29, 2010

New helps for undoing the creative roadblock we all get sometimes...

Ok, If it hasn't happened to you maybe you have not been creating very happens to me at THE worst times, when i REALLY need to be creative! funny how that is,eh? well, once again here is a bit of a list from Tim Adam of Handmade Spark and it is very true, doing something that you usually don't do can give you a big boost! It's like a brain-vacation..not like total recall of course, but a little break form the struggle of everyday and of the pressure to create. As artisans running full time shops we have alot of pressures to not only "go to work" but you never leave work when you are working from home!! It is very hard for us to make ourselves stop at the end of the day when there are orders waiting (YIPEEEEE) and boxes to be packed and stock items to make and new items to design and....WHEWW...working for yourself was never as easy as it sounds,eh?:0)

21. Throw some color in the mix

22. Keep a digital “inspiration” folder and look at it periodically
23. Remember that there is no quick fix
24. Work on yard/garden
25. Eat a yummy dessert
26. Talk to another artist
27. Bake some cookies
28. Switch to a different media
29. Take a youtube night
30. Make gifts for people
Just #21 can make a difference....i know i personally struggle to make things with a color or colors that do not appeal to me..but they appeal to someone! and it can give your brain a break, change your seasonal barometer, give a fresh insight to ..who-knows-what! just add some sunshine yellow to something and see what happens!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A long weekend..on Wednesday..

If you have never been to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, should add it to your bucketlist...there is nothing like it, no words or pictures can capture or convey its vastness.
We met a couple from Austria. We looked a mile into the earth. We watched birds soar and battle in the air of the Grand Canyon. You never know what you might see, hear, smell or learn in a place as wonderful as this.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Tips To Get Creativity Flowing!

Last week we posted a few tips from Timothy Adam at Handmade Spark  and we thought it would be a good day to share a few more, in anticipation of Monday....energetic and inspiring starting the new week with a goal and some direction!

11. Look at old sketches

12. Create in a different location
13. Keep at it
14. Take a nice long bath
15. Make a list – future goals, projects, techniques
16. Go on a vacation (even a mini one)
17. Set a deadline
18. Get working
19. Take a quick nap
20. Shop handmade
Pick one of these things to do each day this week and keep yourself motivated. After the long winter hibernation, it is time to get the juices flowing! Change your craft room around, or move it to a completely different room!  Take a day and go for a drive.  SHOP HANDMADE!!!! helping other artisans have sales feels really good and you know you are getting a lovley product instead of a mass produced item..and to take it a step further look for someone in your state or area to shop handmade and local at the same time!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A sunshine Blog Award is Passed To 12 More!

Here are the rules of this award...

1. Place the logo within your blog or post.

2. Pass the award on to 12 bloggers.

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5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received the award !
This Blog award was given to me by Dj's Store room and I am passing it on to you!   
Here is the list of 12 blogs that I Give this to:

Share some blogging love and know that I enjoy each of these blogs and appreciate you all for writing and sharing in them!

Some Inspiration....

If you are in the handmade scene and somehow do not know about Timothy Adam or his incredible handmade marketing advice, where have you been?!?!   Check this out! The first 10 in the list of things on how to get your creative"sap" flowing again after the winter blahs have captured it and turned it grey...

1. Take a walk
2. Organize creative space
3. Clean the house
4. Buy some art supplies
5. Exercise
6. Try a new technique
7. Set a specific time to create
8. Turn on favorite tunes
9. Take a break
10. Visit the library
I am off to mail some packages and stop at the library for a new book! Next post will have some more great tips from Tim and Handmade really is a great read, i always find a tip that is quick and easy to integrate into my handmade business and one step better is always a good thing! Happy Creating!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My First ever blog award..SUNSHINE !

At last, the legends of the Moons of Grahtoe lost parchments have been found and  released for the public!
The author, Nightblooming, has done a fabulous job bringing to life the story we could only dream in our hearts...We would love to have you stop by and tell us what you think of the legend  and be sure to visit Nightbloomings shop as well for an array of fabulous hair inspired potions,oils and decorations of unequalled beauty and quality!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring is peeking through, at Last!!!!

AH, the Joy of March! breif glimpses into spring bring hope and new life to everything! Including my psyche:0)
We have introduced a new fun hair fork, the Cyclops, with real glass eyes made by Etsy artist and friend, Mike Hurst of The quality of the eyes is amazing. He also does lots of other creative pendants and his talents seem endless! We would love for you to go over and visit his shop and say hello and how you found him! A new Etsian always appreciates visitors!!!!!
We think they are alot of fun! I have a thing for glass eyes and figured there must be other people that love them too. How fun for a Mommy to have the real visual of "I have eyes in the back of my head so you better behave!" or for the teacher who is writing on the chalk board as she watches her students... We  find them fun and great conversation starters! I also have a necklace,bracelet and earrings with glass eyes that my dear niece and nephew gifted to me and now I can have a matching hair fork WHOOOHOOOOO

On another note, we have been gifted an award and will be also gifting it to 12 blogs that we love!
Thank you to Dj's Store Room! 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday already? Where does the time go...

DO you ever wonder about time? There is a movie called "Deja Vu" that we watch occasionally and it just flips me out to think about time travel! If you go to the past because you saw somthing in the now that made you believe you did something in the past that you did not do, wouldn't you remember that you already did it?!!?! Well, the paradigm is too much for my brain, and I hope we never get to go to the past..although I have often wanted to live in Little House on the Prairie days...beautiful long skirts and simple things..Yes, I know, no A/C, no cars, hard work..but don't you just Feel good at night when you have had a good work day?
What time would you go to if we could go into the past?

Just a tiny Studio clip, we are doing some really neat inlays in our hair forks and we love to do custom designs! The picture here is one of the ones Stacy just completed and it turned out beautifully! Pop on over and convo us any time!

Monday, March 1, 2010

New newsletter sign up!

We would very much like to keep you posted to our studio happenings through our newsletter! We will be sending out new design announcements, new woods, studio happenings and specials. There is a link on the right to use for signing up! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Weekend happenings

I have been SO attracted to green lately, aching for spring!  This beautiful letter opener made of Lignum Vitae wood is a  creation by Stacy. These can also be used as hair sticks for a truly unique look! I have also found some really amazing treasures in my hunt for green while being sequestered indoors! This mug Has a beautiful design and the glaze is breathatking! AHH hot coffee or chocolate in that mug, opening the mail with this letter green fix for today!!