Saturday, June 5, 2010

Life is good, and its saturday!

We decided to have a yard sale today a few weeks ago. We placed an ad in the paper, and for a few hours we thought it was going to be a bust but we sold alot of stuff...funny how people buy the things you think won't sell and vice versa, but we got rid of alot of unnecessary things that are cluttering not only our house but our lives. I have been feeling very strongly led to pare down, ALOT. i think it will free alot of time,anxiety and get us a few extra bucks for pizza or something that we usually can't splurge on. Saturday is good! we alos are exhausted from it! i sat all day, except for set up and tear down, how can i be exhausted?!!?!?!? but, i am, well, We are. we have a few large things that still need a new home and i have deicded to part with my beloved beanie babies collection...hoards of them, totes full, all sizes shapes...i am retaining a few that were memorabilia...i have a thing for stuffed animals, OK? there i said it!
On another good note, to all my fellow etsians, if you don't know about then you should check it out. it is not as thourough as google analytics but it gives you some good stats and has a treasury tracker....we are so blessed, we have been in 20, yes 20 treasuries int he last 2 months!!!! we have not made it to the front page, and a few of them were, well....a bit off the wall, but we can be too sometimes!
It is alot of fun and makes us feel very honored to be in a treasury..and now anyone can make them anytime and it is FUN! give it a try, if you need help i will be glad to try and help, just convo me!

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  1. Hi Kim and Stacy, My sympathies to you for having to do a garage sale. I hate doing those! So glad it wasn't me, but I am happy for you that it was successful. I love visiting and seeing the beautiful things you make! You guys are so talented!