Thursday, March 31, 2011

Are you in a F.O.G. ?

WEll, i hope you are not in a real fog, but that you will join in with us in the F.O. G. that we are starting!
This is something new for us and we are excited to bring this program to you!
F.O.G. stands for Friends of Grah-Toe is a referral program where you can earn reward credit in our studio by sending friends to shop with us! here is how it will work:
1.You refer a freind to us to buy a hair fork.
2.Friend shops with us, spends $50 or more on in stock items (custom orders are not included ), and leaves YOUR name in the notes with the order.
3.They will get a 10% off refund of that first order and you will get a $5 credit to shop with!!

How fun is that!

We already have a few of you who have done this recently written in "the book", but we look forward to filling our book up with referral names!

AS tomorrow is April 1, and we will be accepting custom orders again, we also have a few changes we want to share with you to the way custom orders will be taken:

1. Each person can have only 2 items on custom order at a time. this helps us get them to you  in a timely fashion as well as allowing others to place custom orders as well.

2.Ice Hairtanas. We will be making 3 a month for the shop, and one pair a month for custom orders. The price will be $185 each. You will have the chance to request colors for your handles on the shop ice hairtanas and on custom ones as well. We do have limitede material for these, and they take over a week(40 hours) to make ONE. WHen the material is gone, that will be the last of the ice hairtanas!

3.If your custom order is under $70, and you are not a first time shopper, we will make it and you can pay when it is listed. If it is very unusual, expensive or personalized you will need to deposit at least 50% for us to begin the project. The second half with shipping will be due when we complete the order.

We appreciate you all so very much, and we cannot ever express our grattitude to you for loving our work . WE wake every morning anxious to start our day, dreaming of new designs and looking forward to talking to you and getting to know your hair!
We hope the F.O.G. program shows you how much we appreciate you in a tangible way and that you are happy enough with your work from us to refer your friends with long hair to our studio!
Love to you all

Kimi & Stacy 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Already New Arrivals are Available!!!

WE have already been able to get back to some regular stock building and today we listed several new items!

 Our poll showed an overwhleming group of you want to see more forks with no decorations on them, so we are going to aim at doing that for you, and probably a few with inlays that we have been wanting to do.
This is one of the larger sets of Ice Hairtanas that was really taking sometime, but it is SO worth it! These are just stunning every time i see a new one completed i am speechless! I might have to see if i can afford one of these for me...:D

We will be listing more new forks over the weekend, some of them will have decorations as they were already decorated, but we promise to offer more with nothing but the beauty of nature on them!
We appreciate you all so very much, thank you for taking the time to take our poll, so we know what you love and what you are looking for. And thank you, of course for your continued love of our art, we are so blessed to be doing what we love and seeing it in all the action pictures you send, makes our hearts soar!
Love to you all
Kimi & Stacy