Saturday, March 31, 2012

SALE ALERT! 20% OFF No Joke!!

SALE ALERT! As a celebration of spring, we are having a sale through tomorrow at midnight..use the code April1fun BEFORE YOU CHECK OUT in our Etsy or Artfire shop for 20% off!!! The website has already been discounted as well! (discounts will not be refunded if you don't use them before check out!)
we appreciate you so much, HAVE FUN!!

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Canary Wood 3 prong Hair Fork LONG Grahtoe Handmade - $70.00

This is our 3 tine long lilli wood hair fork made of Canary wood. The decorative top is 2.5 inches (6.4 cm) across. This wood is beautifully colored and glowingly chatoyant in golds and oranges. We have included a beautiful knotted area of wood in the topper as decoration, the figure around the knot is so beautiful!!

It's functional prong length is 5.25 inches(13.4 cm) and its overall length is a...

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Zircote Wood Lilli Mermaids Tail Hair Fork Grahtoe - $75.00

A staple in our wood hair fork family, a 2 tine lilliputian mermaids tail! This beauty is made from Zircote Wood.

This hair fork/comb is amazingly comfortable and will hold your hair up well. Its functional prongs are 6 inches (15.3 cm). Overall length is 7 1/8 inches (18 cm) in the center. The tines are about 1.5 inch across on the outside(3.8 cm). The colors in this are awesome! the forks weighs...

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Friday, March 30, 2012

We appreciate YOU so much!!
We love to see pictures of your hair and updos and we love to see your Grah-Toe hair art in action!
if you have a unique updo tutorial with our forks we would love to see that as well!

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Acacia Wood Lathe Turned Decorative Bowl Grahtoestudio Handmade - $75.00

This Acaia Wood bowl has a fantastic grain pattern! The simple shape of the bowl allows the natural beauty to be the focus. It is 5 1/4 inches wide at the top (13.5cm) and it is 3 1/4 inches high (8.4cm). It is finished with laquer and is not suitable for food. Wrapped candies would be nice! Or it could be a potpourri dish, a candle holder, keys, change, whatever your creativity can come up with!


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Antler Wishbone Hair Fork Grahtoe Handmade - $40.00

A new design Shed Antler hair fork! This is made using the whole tine as the fork! It's reversible and can be used in damp hair ! This takes a special type of Antler tine to make! we are calling it the wishbone.This one weighs in at .6 ounces, it is strong and unique, natural and fun!

This antler has a smooth slightly pebbled texture with light grey color and some ivory white. It is sleek,uni...

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Antler Hair Stick Wand Evil Eye Magic Wand Grahtoe - $65.00

This hair stick is made from an antler tine and a glass evil eye has been added into the end of the tine! it can be your magic wand, your hair stick, your hiking friend or anything you want!

the glass eye is colored in a beautiful deep periwinkle purple and was made by Mike Hurst of It will come with a card, courtesy of Mike about the evil eye tale.

THese are fun, unique, and...

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Antler Hair Forks Tulip Wood Grahtoe Handmade - $48.00

What a pretty and unique pair of shed antler hair sticks! We capped this pair with Tulip wood. It has lovely shades of red and orange and we have shaped it into a scooped top cap!

These antlers have beautiful texture with some greys and browns in the colored part and there is also some ivory white on them.They are bold, beautiful, natural ,fun and BOHO Chic!!

Antler is an incredibly st...

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pecan Wood Dune Hair Fork Grahtoe - $80.00

Our new for 2012 Lilliputian DUNE wood hair fork, made from Pecan wood in our 3 tine design. The carving is on both sides and form the top view it looks like sand dunes in a sunset!

The decorative top is approximately 2 5/8 inches(6.8 cm) across. Its functional prong length is 4.75 inches(12.2 cm) and its overall length is 6.25 inches(16 cm) in the center. Its weight is 1 ounces.

This f...

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