Monday, January 31, 2011

I did a video for you, my first one ever!

This is a video on how to do the bun/ updo that i use in most of our action shots in the shop . I know it is very close to a Nautilus bun, but i can never make it look like that, and several customers have asked me to do this so i ventured out past my comfort zone and did it!
I hope it helps inspire you to try a new updo, or even invent your own!!
Feel free to share this link with anyone you like, or visit our youtube page for lots of other great channels that have our favorite  updo videos on them!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New year, New look

As we have started a new year, and started with some new sculpted designs for our hairfork line, we wanted to move that new look into our shop as well.  DO what you love, love what you do. Thats what we want you to see!

we have gotten our new banner up in the  shop and would love to have you come see our new clean fresh look! we LOVE it and hope you do too! we wanted a fresh new direction and less words..which our wonderful designer accomplished in a heartbeat after we described our vision. Please stop by and let us know what you think too!  we would love your comments here, on etsy or our facebook fan page too!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rejuvenated and infused with creativity!

WE were finally able to take some time off this week, after no vacation for over a year, to rest our hands and brains after working through the holidays! WE went to see my Aunt and used her home in Nevada as a base camp to play and see a few local tourist spots...The Hoover Dam...

Oatman Arizona, an old mining town with a cool touristy twist! The Burrows are now allowed to wander the town wherever they please, and they are fed by the tourists! it was great fun for me, as i love animals. The shops are all quiant with lots of antiques, wild west themes, biker themes and Route 66 fame. 

Some of the wild life at the Hoover Dam was Terrifying :D

THe landscape down south is amazingly beautiful, i am always amazed at the rocks, the colors and the shapes of the rocky peaks....i love the desert. Its sunsets are stunning, and it inspires me to my soul!

The Virgin River Gorge is between Arizona and Nevada, and quite a 13 mile drive! the pictures cannot capture the vastness , i tried to get some other cars in there for makes it hard to drive too, you want to look everywhere!! this is actually the very west end of the grand canyon gorge...

SO we got to visit with family, relax a bit, and see soem wonderful sights! we also had some brainstorming time as we drove and listened to a book on CD...
We hope you will take our poll, its one of the questions we came up with for new designs this year!!
Hope you enjoyed our little tour, and more pictures are availble if you visit our Facebook page !!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good response so far!

WEll, the people who have gotten the new packages so far have given us a good response! we still want to keep track as everyone gets thier new boxes and make sure that we are still adoring and spoiling you while being environmentally friendlier :D Please be sure to take our poll!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Savings alert!

WEll, we have been doing our new packaging on several packages, mostly trying to send it to repeat customers to get thier take on it, and there may be another benefit to this...less shipping weight= less shipping costs!! THe Postal rates are going up this year, so we are trying to keep our costs and yours as low as possible!!
WE are going to start modifying our shipping fees as we figure out what everything comes to with the new packing keep your eyes open, and we are anxious to hear from those of you who are getting the new packaging , how do you feel about it?!?
We appreciate you all so much!!
Love to you
Kimi & Stacy

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trying to be better and still pamper you...

We are changing the way we do our packaging this year in an effort to be more responsible with paper and carboard useage. WE still want to pamper you as you open your box :D but we are going to stop the tissue paper and try to use a box that is better sized to what you are buying.  You are still going to get a sleeping bag for your fork, but it is going to be handmade local (Our local) so we are supporting another handmade business, and if you wanted it could be reused as a gift or snack bag as well!   If you have any comments about this, good or bad, please let us know! We want to be more responsible and still leave you feeling blessed and pampered when you get your box!!
We appreciate you all so very much!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

We have a name for the new fork!

It has been so much fun hearing all the names for the newly designed fork, based on our Lily Pad hairstick. This was not an easy task to narrow it down to one name! all of the names were inspiring and beautiful, some with fabulous german folklore tales attatched to them. As we are highly influenced in our design style by the art nouveau period and love that style, we have chosen "Jugendstil" as the name for the new fork! 

 THank you all!!

 I do need to reach Zuendhuetchen now, so if you could please email us or send us a convo on etsy so we can get your information, that would be great!! 
We will be sending a special coupon to our German customers that they can use when purchasing this hairfork style in  any wood or size!
Happy New year to all!!