Friday, June 11, 2010

A simple suggestion to help simplify your life!!!

I don't exactly think of myself as a goddess, but i do love the simplicity and advice and love that flows from this blog...

"Today, your Zen Your Life project is:

Find a box. Put three things in there from your space that you no longer need.

It’s time to find it a new home, dearheart. Either send it on to a friend you know will love it, sell it on ebay, or donate it to charity.

Let your things find their purpose in their world of making someone completely & gorgeously happy… not just stuck with it.
They have a destiny too you know… and it’s not to make you miserable!"

She often has little tips that really make sense, and she helps women know they are beautiful and loved, and we love LOVE!!! handmade love, personal love, spiritual love, the world just needs more of all kinds of LOVE!

Speaking of love, we have been featured in few more treasuries, that is such a good feeling!, but this one is full of love!
Hope you will stop by and check it out!! and check out the website to zen your life tips  today too, you just might find some inspiration in a place you never expected!

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