Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello and Goodbye February..hurry up Spring!

We have been busy at Grah-Toe Studio with all the new designs we are creating!
An update for our fans....
We have started a new line of hair forks called the A-Line. We know a lot of you like our original size and shapes and we appreciate you so much! It warms our hearts to know our designs work and are loved by you!
The cry of others has been that they are too big for their hair needs and we have heard your voices!! The New A-Line forks will have a very thinnnn profile from top to tip in one smooth arch. This will be especially helpful on the exotic woods that are denser and can have heavy tops. We can make this A-Line on any fork if you would like to request it. We are also making some to have on hand and they will be listed as A-line so you know!

Another new thing is the 5 tine design...well, the PCT top is not a hit so far! We have also created a five tine wave fork and our first few are also A-Line, we have a holly listed in the shop and a few ebony on the way.

You can request any design in any wood, and we also do custom requests and custom designs.
In fact, we really love custom requests and hope that you will feel free to ask for what you would like, we want you to be totally happy with your hair forks from our studio so please convo us!

On the new products, we are making small de-tanglers that can be carried in your purse with you for travel or work, and they are a real hit! a few of the unique designs can even be used as side combs to hold your hair back!
We want you all to know how very much we appreciate you! we are getting a news letter going and if you would like to be on the mailing list please send an email to and we will get you on there. It will have new products, updates on new designs and woods, and a few other tidbits!
We are also going to do better at posting here and hope you will all be regular visitors!
Love to you all ,