Thursday, April 1, 2010

April first...

April first has always been a day i just don't like..most people play jokes that are down right mean and that is no fun. But today was a great April first!  A dear friend had to have brain surgery and a biopsy and they don't think its cancer and everything went very well!!! YEA!

we also got our very first hand mirror completed and listed today!  It is made of quilted maple wood which is brilliantly chatoyant and just pretty to look at! We have more styles on the way, different handles and woods and an oval mirror as well as the octagon. The mirror has been designed to sit down inside the face so that the wood frame is what touches if you set it down on the mirror side,therefore reducing scratches. It certainly makes them alot more work but we felt it was a characteristic that we would want in a hand mirror, so well worth the efforts!
We have some sets planned that would include a detangler, hair fork and mirror..but we are always open for custom requests as well!
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