Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Did the Movie Avatar change your feelings about your hair?

We finally got to see the movie Avatar. I really enjoyed it! it was fun to watch, had some guys stuff some girl stuff, happy stuff, sad stuff.....but i am always drawn to the hair stuff! the people having that braid that connected them to all other living things really intrigued me...not only was it beautiful to me, i liked the idea of that and have been thinking about hair  even MORE than normal, which is alot. i was hoping that someone else might have some input on thier feelings about this while i go and research a bit about hair..i will be back with that!
on another note, the bidding for the toothpick chain is beginning at $38 and we have no bids yet so please, spread the word and bid on a very cool, unique sculpture by Grah-Toe Studio


  1. How funny! I was talking to my neighbor about this last night. She was explaining it to me since I refuse to watch that movie. Then I showed her my website. Too similar for my taste.

  2. why do you refuse to watch the movie? too similar to what? it was alot of fun..

  3. I'm a movie snob. The movie has so much hype I just can't bring myself to see it.
    The movie talks about how their hair ties into their Goddess and how all things are connected. That sounds exactly like how I feel and my hair vow. People probably think I ripped it off of Avatar, but I honestly just found out about that.

  4. Actually it was not talked about that much in the movie, i just notice those things...and i knew you felt that wasy about your hair way before i saw the movie and way before it came out so don't think that people are going to do that! and i think there is a difference here...its a MOVIE and you are REAL!!!!:D