Friday, April 23, 2010

Our creative flow is feeling like a pyroclastic cloud!

All artists know about "writers block" and we have been sharing some tips for unblocking that from Handmade Spark in the last couple posts..and there are just a few more in the list to share today....but what do you do when the ideas are coming so fast that you can't keep up?!!? i have started to write everything down to keep for those times when we DO have the block! Perhaps it is the newness of spring, getting out of the house...we are having a great time making hair art and can barely keep up with ourselves and our custom order list is growing! combinig materials, carving new shapes, its amazing the limitless-ness of creativity..

Well, here is the final list of suggestions to help with unblocking the creative flow, i hope if you are in one that these tips have helped in at least a small way!
 31. Window shopping-always fun on etsy! but don't copy others work!!

32. Physical labor
33. Look at bills
34. Visit galleries/museums
35. Visit graveyards
36. Teach someone else your medium
37. Get lost on a road trip
38. Take a trip into town
39. Make a list of random objects and pick one to use in your next design
40. Fill some baggies with random things that you can use for a next project
41. Go outside your comfort zone


  1. That's a really good list! I wonder why visiting a graveyard is on there. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  2. i thought about that for a while...either to remind you to not sweat the small stuff, "death comes to us all but not all truly live" to quote the princess and william wallace in Braveheart, or because they are usually manicured and quite lovely!:D