Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some new options...

WE have been finishing our hair forks in a way that gave them a soft sheen, a natural feel. Most of the time this is a great finish and after a poll, most of our customers prefer this finish to a heavy waterproof coating. But we wanted to have the option to make a finish that would be water-resistant. WE have been through many formulas and types of finish to find one that we felt worked well, did not give the wood too much of a plastic look , but was still effective and attractive. We finally have found the right combination! so, now we can offer you a water-resistant finish at an extra charge and on request. we are going to finish our forks as usual unless this is requested. It does alter the colors on the wood slightly, but for someone who prefers to wear thier fork in wet hair this will be a good option.  THe purple heart fork pictured here has that finish, one padouk fork in the shop has that finish, and most of the new mermaids tails on antler have this finish. THis will give more options to all of our customers to suit more tastes! This finish has a shine to it as well.
Water resistant means that you can wear it in wet hair, rain will not affect it, but you cannot swim in it or soak it in water!. It will also help keep the color , especially on the padouk wood from bleeding through onto clothing or other hair accessories.
We hope that this will allow more people to be happy with thier forks from Grah-Toe Studio!
We still have a few more days to bid on the hair fork for charity!


  1. Oh, I am excited about this finish. I like using my forks in the shower to keep my hair dry when it's not wash day.

  2. THanks Jessica, I am so glad you like it! it is too shiny for me, but it keeps the holly white and gives a little more freedom for fork useage!

  3. The people I've shown the fork to (and there have been a LOT,) couldn't believe that it was wood! They thought since it was so glossy and light that it had to be plastic.

  4. THat is why i prefer the natural finish, i like it to look like wood! but this finish keeps the holly white and protected so..sacrifices must be made!:0) As long as you and everyone else like it it's all GOOD!!!I am so glad you are pleased!