Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The hand behind the hairforks...

Stacy loves to make stuff. When a customer sent him a picture of a sword that was wanted for a hair stick..he took the picture literally! We watched a video of how "real" sword makers wrapped thier handles. We looked at the parts on the sword, and he began with the blade..then the hilt gaurd,..then the metal behind the hilt gaurd that he peened from thick wire....then cut, and shaped and filed and polished and fitted some more...this mini-sword is a real piece of art! he wanted to do something "over-the-top" for the customer and inlaid some special letters on the hilt, then also inlaid our makers mark on the pommel. I am always amazed at what the large strong hands of my husband can do...he makes some really tiny stuff...this sword, i think is right up there at the top of his creations! Except for that chain he carved into a toothpick..maybe thats a story for another time!

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