Friday, April 2, 2010

A give-away!!!

WHo doesn't love FREE stuff?!?! well, in collaboration with 2 fellow etsians we have come up with a giveaway for you to participate in! We will Love to see you in all of our shops, shopping and commenting to win the free gift from picnic basket crafts. What you need to do is take a peek at our store, at Nightbloomings shop, and then go to picnicbasketcrafts blog post and comment on your favorite things from each shop!

 I have several product from Picncibasketcrafts and they are all wonderful! My favorites are the Nightime Eye Serum, which comes in a roller-ball jar for easy application...and the Thrifty-Hippie makeup remover and facial moisturizer...for an acne prone adult this stuff has been a real dream. Have you seen the prices on some of the "anti-aging" lotions out there?!?! and the label of ingredients that i can't even pronounce..The products at Picnic Basket Crafts are eco-freindly, recognizeable ingredients that are tried and true.

Now to Nighbloomings favorite item, besides her amazing hair toys that you must catch when they are listed or they are snatched up immediately, is the Panacea's Hair Salve. I use this on my hands and hair and love the effects. The ends of my hair are soft and lovely, my hand skin is soft AND..the smell!!  It smells like heaven to me! I usually try to put some on my hair and hands at bedtime because it is so relaxing!
The lady behind Nighblooming is great to work with, talented in so many ways!!

One more thing before I end , the give away includes some of the wood finishing product that I have tried on our wood hair forks and it works beautifully, smells clean, and leaves a glowing finish! We recommend this for wood hair-toy maintenance is natural, inexpensive and fabulous to use!

SO, thank you all for participating and we all look forward to sharing freebies,discount coupons and fun stuff with you!

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