Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hair fork for charity!

Sometimes when we get wood, there is nothing that can prepare us for what we find inside. On one side it can be rotted,have bugs, or be horribly unattractive. On the other hand, sometimes, we find a diamond.
This piece of wood falls into that second catagory...we found a brilliant diamond inside this post-hurricane clean up wood.
This is from a tree called Silk Oak. We gathered it after a hurricane in Florida years ago. We had no idea of the amazing beautiful grain until we cut it open...*WHOW* Pictures just cannot show all the chatoyance in this fabulous almost glows.  After we made this fork, we thought about keeping it. Ok, i REALLY thought about keeping it, although our business is SELLING hair forks, i have the rare, special gift of knowing the maker:0) and having my choice of the forks that are made.  But, then i started to think, how sad it is not to share this magnificent piece of wood...but how to price it?! it is completely irreplaceable and the most beautiful wood i have ever seen....then, it came to me. Have an auction for it and the proceeds go to charity! We support an organization called World Vision. Feel free to research them, we have found them to be honest and productive over the years. Right now they are helping all the vicitims of recent earthquakes and are in need of help. (there have been alot of those lately...)'s the scoop. we would like to start the bid at $100. We would like you to post here, if you would like to bid. Then please send an email to us with your bid amount. We will take bids for 2 weeks. Then the highest bidder will get the beautiful fork, and know that they also helped quite a few people that are in great need.
Sound good?!
oh, The is a mezzo threnody, FP length of 4 3/4 inches or 12cm. and our email address is
Thanks so much and happy forking:0)


  1. Boy, I wish I could afford to bid. It really is a work of art! I hope that you guys raise a bunch of money for those that need it. :-)

  2. I want this fork soooooo badly.

    What is the toal length?

  3. from the middle hump to the tips of the tines it is 5 3/4 inches (14.7cm)
    thanks for looking, please tell any friends you have that may want to join in too!
    Love to you,Kimi

  4. Oh boy, that IS stunning! You are such a sweetie! I hope it sells for a FAT stack! (-:

  5. I need to put a button on my blog for you - do you have one? Or can I steal that top photo and just post the pic with a link? LMK! (-: