Monday, March 29, 2010

New helps for undoing the creative roadblock we all get sometimes...

Ok, If it hasn't happened to you maybe you have not been creating very happens to me at THE worst times, when i REALLY need to be creative! funny how that is,eh? well, once again here is a bit of a list from Tim Adam of Handmade Spark and it is very true, doing something that you usually don't do can give you a big boost! It's like a brain-vacation..not like total recall of course, but a little break form the struggle of everyday and of the pressure to create. As artisans running full time shops we have alot of pressures to not only "go to work" but you never leave work when you are working from home!! It is very hard for us to make ourselves stop at the end of the day when there are orders waiting (YIPEEEEE) and boxes to be packed and stock items to make and new items to design and....WHEWW...working for yourself was never as easy as it sounds,eh?:0)

21. Throw some color in the mix

22. Keep a digital “inspiration” folder and look at it periodically
23. Remember that there is no quick fix
24. Work on yard/garden
25. Eat a yummy dessert
26. Talk to another artist
27. Bake some cookies
28. Switch to a different media
29. Take a youtube night
30. Make gifts for people
Just #21 can make a difference....i know i personally struggle to make things with a color or colors that do not appeal to me..but they appeal to someone! and it can give your brain a break, change your seasonal barometer, give a fresh insight to ..who-knows-what! just add some sunshine yellow to something and see what happens!

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  1. Hi! I'm Donna from Comin' Home. You recently signed up to follow my blog and I wanted to say thanks! Wow..I love wood and your things are just exquisite!

    By the way, I love what you just said about creativity in gift making. I've found that making gifts for friends brings out the best in me. I'm the same way as you I guess. I tend to make what appeals to me. My best projects have been for friends though. Like a Pacific Northwest Indian button blanket that I made for my sister-in-law, a native American from Washington state. I did it for her...but it won best of show for last year's art show. I was so surprised! I had never done anything like that before. I'm interested to know that it isn't just me that needs that extra spark to get me out of the creativity rut.