Friday, May 4, 2012

Black and White Ebony Wood Hair Fork 3 Prong Grahtoe Handmade Mini - $55.00

This is our Mini Lilliputian wood hair fork in a 3prong Scooped top design!! Those of you looking for small combs, side combs or little combs to add help for holding back layers, these are for YOU!!!

The decorative top is 2 1/8 inches(5.5 cm) across the longest point. It's functional prong length is 4 inches(10.3 cm) and its overall length is 4.75 inches(12.2 cm).

This fork has an A-line pr...

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  1. Great to know about Black Ebony wood!! I already heard a lot about Ebony wood and their products. Recently my friend purchased a guitar that’s made with ebony wood and now I am also thinking to buy a new guitar. Thanks for sharing these information.