Sunday, May 9, 2010

Some advice from "positive thought for the day"

Don't tense up no matter what, for you only close off creative power when you do.

Duty makes us do things well, but love makes us do them beautifully.

While you might not have as much control over which thoughts come to mind as perhaps you'd like, you do have a great deal of control over which thoughts you give significance to---and which ones you invite into "your house."

WEll this was my quote for todays post and i woke up and checked the computer stuff and it CRASHED on me!!!GAH!! now i cannot list anything new until i get it back!!! so, if you are shopping and looking for new hair stuff convo us, becuase we have aline up that was due to be listed today and now computer has to be at the doctor, probably for a week and more than a pretty penny...SO, i must take my own advice,  and don't tense up NO MATTER WHAT , and continue on in love and joy! good luck with this, Kimi! I post these things for ME as well as to share them with you, becuase i don't handle stress well alot of the time, i have to ACTIVELY be calm and carry on, and i try to do it with joy but it doesn't always work!
So i hope to hear from you if you are looking for something and i will keep you all posted about the computer! Love to you all, Kimi

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