Saturday, May 8, 2010

Renaissance Affair...

I got my first snood yesterday!! We went to a renaissance faire, not a very good one, but the only option even close to us (4 hours). I actually got this one, a marroon and a brown. I never wore one before and was quite happy with how comfy it is! the thing that is wierd about it is how to get my hair to lay right inside it..i think maybe it needs to be bunned instead of loose? Does anyone have experience with wearing a snood? i think they look very pretty, and since i like to cover my head in public i thought it could be a fun option for summer, lighter and cool...but someways that my hair lays in it , it looks like i have a sausage in there!  
ALl in all i am happy with it though and am glad that i waited to get them there, they were 3 for $10! the Renaissance faires in Fl are  SO incredibly elaborate and amazing, this was fun, but i suppose we are jaded...
Love to hear any advice on snood and the wearing of them or your experiences!
Love to you all


  1. I would put my hair in a low bun and pin the snood so that it follows the contour of the bun. It looks so neat! I wish I had known you were going to find those- I would have sent you money for a custom purchase. Good snoods are hard to find.

    It looks lovely on you!

  2. I don't know if they are good ones or not, i never had one before! but they were cheap and i will remember that you are looking if we go again or i see them anywhere...thanks for the advice! what color would you want?

  3. I like your snood! I don't personally have a snood, but I got one of these: so I could have a winter-ish hat that my hair would fit inside of and not hang out, getting all tangled and windblown... I love it. It fits fine over a high or low bun, and I can also just stuff my length down in the bottom and anyway I do it works fine! I can even leave my hair hanging out, and it looks fine, though I don't see the point. (-: