Thursday, May 6, 2010

Internet overload

Ok, so i have been reading blogs in the handmade scene and they are asking questions like how has the use of the internet affected or influenced your creaivity? how often do you go our of your comfort zone and visit blogs or places that are not insync with what you are doing/making? man, i have been thinking about these things and wondering who has time to think about this stuff, or do this stuff?! i barely get my hair art made, photographed and lsited and i am exhausted each day! i do the blog and facebook thing when i can becuase i must, but i really don't have the time to philosphize about all this stuff and it makes me feel like i am lacking some magical time turner or vision...We love making hair art and all this business stuff just has to be done, its not the fun part! perhpas we are in the minority of those who have gotten to do thier art full time and realized they love it even more now!  But we LOVE making, and i am going to continue reading these blogs and wondering about them, but really, i wish i could just hire someone to blog for me becuase i do not enjoy sitting still, trying to think of something profound to captivate everyone(all 3 or 4 of you) who reads what i fact most days i feel iam writing on a sheet of paper and pushing the publish button is like crumbling the paper and tossing it in the wind....i have hair forks to design, sand, finish, decorate and then the photography and listing..whew....
If theres anyone out there reading this, give me a high five and let me know. If i ever say or give you anything to think about, please let me know, if you can feel the love of our art through our hair art, please let me know...we need some comments here to know we are not writing in the wind do those other bloggers do this stuff all day?!?!?! i guess the wonder woman under-roos have long since lost thier powers!
Love to you all, and happy THrusday:D


  1. *internet high five*
    I don't know how you do it, honestly. You're working the Twitter, the Facebook, the business, the technical aspect, plus you communicate with your customers daily. I don't know what you are talking about- you ARE Wonder Woman!

  2. I read your blog - I look every day if you had a new post. Like I look every day in your shop. ;o)

    And I can see your love to your art every day I wear my beloved forks. I confess I pet my forks and feel the love that you gave to it.

    Keep smiling and HIGH FIVE!

  3. I also look every day... (-;

  4. Thank you so much, these 3 little bits of love will carry me along way!! Love to you all

  5. Hi -

    I don't have a blogspot blog but I usually check etsy every day, and when I check etsy, I also check the blogs of the artists I follow on etsy who provide a link - I like knowing a little bit more about the people I'm buying stuff from... even if this is the first time I've actually ever commented on one of their blogs...

  6. Thank you, it is good to know what people who are shopping etsy are looking for, sometimes i feel "too real" and i never know if i am being too human by talking about ourselves and people don'[t want to know or they like to know we ARE human too!:0)
    I appreciate your comments loads ,and that we are a shop you look through on Etsy!! thank you so very much! Love to you, Kimi