Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mothers day is almost here..and its my birthday month.

Well, this is one of my favorite times of year and not. I have always loved my birthday, becuase when we were little it was one of the only times in the year that you got gifts and a special dinner. As kids, our favorite birthday dinner was ...ready.....manwhiches on BUNS not bread, and tater tots..MMMmmMMMMMM
WE were not of the affluent kind of family , in fact Mc Donalds was a "restaurant" to me until i went to college. So anyhow, my parents were divorced when i was 10, and i had a wonderful Aunt and Grandmother who helped raise me...and now i have a lovley step mother as well as a friend of the family who was always like a mom to me as well as a Mom i love i send out about 10 mothers day cards! Hallmark loves me. 
But the not side..i knew that i was unable to have children by the time i was 21. It was hard then, but now i know that the Lord had a great and different plan for my life! I could never have married my best friend and done art the way we can if we had children..
But everyone wants to wish me happy mothers day and i have to stay out of public around that day. 
And as a grown up, i get to buy my own birthday presents too and have whatever food i want for a meal :D Stacy and i ususally do something to celebrate my birthday so we have a memeory instead of more stuff in the house, and i am hoping to find a renaissance faire somewhere in driving distance this month. 
SO, i just had to share a bit of the dichotomy of the love/dislike  i have of the month of May .
We do hope that someone gets one of our hand mirrorrs for thier mom or self....we are making some smaller ones soon, purse size hand mirrors, some with a handle or maybe not... 
And i want to thank you for sharing life with me and our studio by reading our blog and shopping at our studio. We truly love what we do and hope that you can feel it each time you get a package from us or wear a piece of our hair art.

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