Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Positive thoughts for a Tuesday,and everyday!

"Practice creative listening. Get quiet so that insights can come through your mind.

The attitude of gratitude is truly beautiful, Express it often, and the chances are good your eyes will be opened to more things to be grateful for.

Any task, when attempted with a quiet mind is substantially easier. Without the distraction of busyness, chatter, and confusion, you're usually able to accomplish a lot. You see what needs to be done much more clearly."

This is a quote from my PTFTD newsletter that a dear aunt sends me..and in the last few days i have seen several things that are telling me to slow down and relax....on http://www.kindovermatter.blogspot.com/ they had a post about uni-tasking...my Mom used to call it "DO one thing at a time so you don't screw it up then move to the next." then it became multi tasking, now is called uni-tasking....i don't know about any of you but i do NOT do well when i am trying to do several things at once. Perhaps i lack some brain chemical that allows others to do this but for me it always becomes "screw-up".
 "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get ".. another Mom-ism that is so true. Isn't it funny the twist that things go around, like a mobius loop...never ending..
i heard a cute story a while back.. a little girl noticed that her parents were always hunting for the cordless phone...wheres the phone, who has the phone.....well, she said to her mommy, " mommy, i saw this really cool invention that willhelp us alot, i think we should get it, theres a thing called a cord and it attatches the phone to the wall so you never lose the phone again!"
Think on that for a minute then belly laugh your guts out, i did!


  1. Such a great comment! And so true. We need to slow down and do one thing at a time...That way we can 'enjoy' the moment. Beautifully written!

    PS. I belly laugh all the time! It's good for me and for my teenagers. They pretend they're embarrassed..but they always end up laughing with me.

  2. "One step at a time!" - We have to learn it again. And it works. ;o)

    Stress down - if you don't find your phone - it will ring again.

    Be slowly and laugh about the others who hurry their lifes.