Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Monday everyone!  I know lots of you are home from work on this national holiday, having a barbeque and visiting with family, so i hope that it is a lovely day where you are! We , of course, are working on creations! Not only is it our "job" it is our love.
We took a little drive to Wyoming last week to what was supposed to be the Antler-fest and Mountain man rendezvous....evidently there were some problems and it wasn't exactly as we had hoped..but it was a lovley break, and inspirational as well. Jackson Hole is an interesting town, and we saw TONS of antler art. I was so awed by the size of some of the elk antlers that i forgot to take pictures of them..a few were the size of Stacys arm!!! but we were looking more for deer tines to use in our hair no acquisitions in the antler department. But i am putting a few pictures up of the beauty on the drive. Wyoming is beautiful. We saw hundreds of pronghorn antelope, lots of deer and a few elk, no moose though.
In the first picture that is the Teton Mountain range off in the distance. The second picture is of 2 antelope in a field, there were groups of lots more but these were the only ones i was able to capture from the road. and the next picture is just a beautiful turn in the road.
We are carving lots of new shapes on our antler hair sticks, as well as having some tulip wood forks coming up..we finally found a piece suitable for hair forks. It is not easy to find a nice solid piece of tulip wood. We are also looking for some pink ivory, so hang in there those of you looking for those 2 woods.
THe hurricane wood we cut up turned out to be fantastically beautiful inside, but we have no idea what species it is! there is only a few of those coming, the wood is VERY yellow, for yellow lovers.
SO, for now thats all the blabbing i will do, keep watch at the studio for new inlays and woods, and please feel free to convo us about anything! we are always here to help and we love custom orders as well.
Much love to you all, Kimi

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