Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Love..spaghetti night!

Hello Lovely world and friends! I wanted to share how we arrived at the name for our studio with everyone, some are asking what we do..so here it is..

**We are a husband and wife team. We have both dreamed of doing our art full time and are on our way! We love to have new projects and welcome custom requests.

We work in wood,stone,clay,metal,antler and beaded jewelry.

Our studio got its name from a traveling experience..we drove from Florida to the west coast..the rock formations are amazing, some of which are called grottos..as christians,we believe that our artistic talents are a gift from God that we are grateful for all the way down to our toes! As we traveled and marveled we tossed these concepts around ,along with the amazing earth the Lord has given us to enjoy and we decided to call our studio Grah(from grateful) Toe( to our toes) ! So Inspired Creations from Grah-Toe Studio!

Thank you for shopping with Grah-Toe Studio. Stacy and Kim .. see our shop at http://www.grahtoestudio.etsy.com/ too!

Have a great day everyone,i am working on our taxes today...:0(

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