Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday! love,love,love babaduhdada

Hey lovely artistic friends~ Thank you all for reading my blogs and following ..hope it makes you smile and love if nothing else!

"Love all,trust a few. Do wrong to none."~ Shakespeare
I can always get a good belly laugh out of fun animal pictures and i got these from a friend this morning! My first thoughts were"ying-yang,NO MORE NEWS ,..PLEASE!, I love a good kiss, Queen of the leaves blesses her people" and i laughed, and my husband laughed ,and i hope you do too! I love animals, and i have been having a really hard time with the way the world looks to be heading. I vote, i write to my representatives, i forward emails..but the crap keeps coming so..i stopped listening to the news and am focusing on the lovely, the fun, the holy and good...somedays it is really hard. i have a disease that is very painful,i am trying to manage on my own naturally..everything seems harder when you are hurting..something as simple as getting behind on dishes and laundry makes me feel useless and that causes big ball of internal combustion and melt down...myhusband is SO good to me..i am truly blessed to be alive, have a home and a greatest-est husband ever,to be loved by the LOrd my God and know he has created me on purpose! I will look at these fun puppies over and over again today and remember to laugh to love. By the way, everywhere i go, dogs find me and lean on me and i truly believe the Lord sends them my way for the love i need to get through the day because "people" can be so...? be blessed and smile! ~><~0~><

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  1. Wonderful pics! Thanks for the pick me up! My husband and I our the same as you guys. He's a teacher and always being labeled "confrontational". We are so glad to have found each other because we both appreciate the honesty!