Monday, February 23, 2009

it went as mondays go..expect the unexpected

Wow, i was in a really spring-ish mood this a.m. and put my bright coral scrubs on,bright flowered jacket,matching hair flower...prayed for a little break in the day to get the errands done and WOW! i got the day off! the Dr. i was to work with today comes to our rural little town but..he forgot our main tools back at home. Reschedule,go home! i was so glad i have been aching to start a new project and all the supplies arrived this morning!! Yea for answere prayer!..but i bet our patients were not praying for that! funny how that works, one prays for rain,one prays for sun..i am so glad that i am not the one in ultimate control becuase this place seems to be going down anyone else wondering why big guys can say"i didn't know i had to pay taxes" or why the money goes to those who already messed up, why not give it to US who can keep a home running on minimal staff and we actually do pay our taxes! AARRGGHHH!

Have you ever seen the bleeding heart flowers? They are gorgeous and i have added a picture of them from last spring..have a great rest of the mon-day! give love

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  1. when I settle down one day and have my own house, I'm gonna want to plant a garden. and you'll be hearing from me .. haha