Friday, February 20, 2009

Fly like an Eagle...

Have you ever seen a bald eagle in person, out in the wild? They are AMAZING to see.When we moved to Utah 4 years ago i had only seen them in the zoo,which is really sad now( they were a mated pair that had been wounded and would not have survived in the wild...death in your own field may not be such a bad thing for an eagle.)Since moving here we have seen them regularly,flying or perched, sometimes in trees,some times on a hill. Tonight we had to drive to town to shop,(30 miles to walmart & lowes) and there is a field that has been dubbed by my husband and me as "PD central"..The prarie dogs(PD's) love this field and they have hills and holes and pathways to rival any spaghetti bowl city highway! well, there were 3 magnificent bald eagles sitting together in this field..probably digesting a day of feasting! They are huge and very beautiful, i never can believe it when i see them even when it has been a regular occurance in the last 4 years. We often see pronghorn antelope on this drive as well but not much in the last year. The PD's ,however ,may be endangered elsewhere but here they are prolific..they are all cute and adorable looking and last year i was telling someone how sweet it was when they sit out on the road with a smooshed loved one and mourn and ..WHAM..that person told me they are carnivores and they are not mourning,.. they are dining..well, needless to say it changed the way i look at PD's..but they still look cute up on thier haunches with thier hands up by thier faces as if in prayer. HEY! it's my world let me dream!!:0)
sorry i did not have my camera ready for the eagles, i will try to make that up to you next time i see one.

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