Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday already? Where does the time go...

DO you ever wonder about time? There is a movie called "Deja Vu" that we watch occasionally and it just flips me out to think about time travel! If you go to the past because you saw somthing in the now that made you believe you did something in the past that you did not do, wouldn't you remember that you already did it?!!?! Well, the paradigm is too much for my brain, and I hope we never get to go to the past..although I have often wanted to live in Little House on the Prairie days...beautiful long skirts and simple things..Yes, I know, no A/C, no cars, hard work..but don't you just Feel good at night when you have had a good work day?
What time would you go to if we could go into the past?

Just a tiny Studio clip, we are doing some really neat inlays in our hair forks and we love to do custom designs! The picture here is one of the ones Stacy just completed and it turned out beautifully! Pop on over and convo us any time!

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