Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Tips To Get Creativity Flowing!

Last week we posted a few tips from Timothy Adam at Handmade Spark  and we thought it would be a good day to share a few more, in anticipation of Monday....energetic and inspiring starting the new week with a goal and some direction!

11. Look at old sketches

12. Create in a different location
13. Keep at it
14. Take a nice long bath
15. Make a list – future goals, projects, techniques
16. Go on a vacation (even a mini one)
17. Set a deadline
18. Get working
19. Take a quick nap
20. Shop handmade
Pick one of these things to do each day this week and keep yourself motivated. After the long winter hibernation, it is time to get the juices flowing! Change your craft room around, or move it to a completely different room!  Take a day and go for a drive.  SHOP HANDMADE!!!! helping other artisans have sales feels really good and you know you are getting a lovley product instead of a mass produced item..and to take it a step further look for someone in your state or area to shop handmade and local at the same time!

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