Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hide-A-Heart and our Anniversary!

Hi Everyone! I wanted to share with you about our wedding anniversary that we celebrated this week.
It starts with Country Magazine...several years ago we read a lovely story about a couple who would hide SHMILY around the house for eachother as a game, for the other one to find..SHMILY refering to "See How Much I Love You" and that would be a small reminder to each of them that the other one was truly in love with them all the time, even when it wasn't said out loud, or didn't seem to know those times...
well..we started to play this game! At first it was a pencil writing on the wall in various places...then my crafty husband made me a piece of wood and inlaid SHMILY in the wood oval and we would hide it back and forth..but i found this place...

They actually MAKE glass hearts for this very game! I was so excited when they agreed to make me a SHMILY heart for our anniversary!
The heart comes BEAUUUUTifully packaged with the story to the hide a heart, and adorable little flowers and hearts confetti, a baggie with a card and a little heart on a string too! Now, yours won't say SHMILY, but they have a range of options for saying and are open to custom orders! it is such a fun way to keep love alive, as we all know life, work, kids, jobs, stress can get in the way of sharing your love for your spouse, and what is more important?!?! we need to keep the love alive, get the divorce rate down and the happy spouse rate UP! and i believe this is one way you can add a little spark back into your marriage!  i would keep it above small hands reach, and make it a fun secret game that noone else in the house knows about, so it can be a romantic little get away for you when you find your hide a heart..your spouse may be at work and it will bring you a smile, a butterfly in your tummy, or inspiration for a welcome home from work evening together:0)
Even if you have a great marriage, this can just add to the love...i hope you will go see thier options, read thier story and become thier fan on facebook as well!!/HideaHeart?ref=sgm

Love to you all

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  1. Dear Kimi! Thank you for sharing your SHMILY Hide a Heart story! I'm so glad you are enjoying the game my husband I began playing over 37 years ago...even today when I find our 'original' glass heart my own skips a beat and that is saying something for a VINTAGE MARRIAGE like mine!!! XOXO