Monday, September 27, 2010


WE have had several requests for apple wood, and after much searching have acquired a beautiful piece that is suitable to make hairforks!!! it really is lovely, there seem to be lots of colors in it, and it looks chatoyant all the way is hard to tell until we get one to a finished point but we think it is going to be really beautiful in a hairfork! we also got a new piece of Zircote, and it has mostly heart wood, very little of the lighter sap wood, and a new piece of figured cocbolo wood..YUMMmmmmm...i am anxious to get forks going on these new woods!!...since the Apple wood piece is fairly small, i would like to hear from those of you who wanted an apple wood fork, so i know what styles to cut out! In the mean time, we have to make a few so we can see and show off the wood graining!
This fork with the antennae on it is something we have been wanting to do for months , and now that we are closing in on holidays, they are finally made! this was so fun to wear, so animated and lightweight! this would be alot of fun for costume accessory, or teachers, or even for Christmas wear!  we have already had a custom request for this in different wood with eyes on the ends so if your heart is aching for something just ask!!!

On a new note, i have acquired a set of hair braids from Puppycatmeow and  I am SO pleased with them!! Tressa was wonderful to work and communicate with, and although you should ask for color swatch samples for a really good match, we did mine with only a few photos and here is the result! this is one braid, wrapped around my hair in a high ponytail for a "Jeanie" type look..i secured the braid to my ponytail with an elastic, wrapped and tucked the ends and used one of our wooden hair forks to hold it all in place!  it makes me feel like a queen and i am sorely tempted to get a few more different ones now!!! she is very busy this time of year, but the quality is amazing , the prices are so reasonable and they really can help give an updo the little boost it needs, or the outlandish look you want for halloween!

Although i have waist length hair, it is layered and i am unable to do a pretty braid, so these were exactly what i i am going pippy longstocking style with one on each side LOL
THe wood fork helped not just hold the braid in place but give the weight of the updo support. It worked fabulously!  i wore this most of the day yesterday and really forgot i had anything other than my hair on!!
Thank you so much, Tressa, for the fabulous color match and the quality of work you do! i am looking at some rosettes next......HMmmmmm

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