Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today we would like to know what YOU want to see...

Usually i am sharing something with you about Love or about our studio, our process of making hair forks....but today, i want to put a call out to all of our fans and followers and any of thier friends who want to answer!

We want to know, what do you want to see in your hairfork makers? what is missing in the hair toy industry? what makes our forks your favorite, or your least favorite? what would YOU do different, or want us to do better for our hair forks?

We LOVE long hair, and we make these hair forks to help you have a sturdy, long lasting heirloom quality hair fork or stick that is functional and yet as beautiful as a piece of art in your hair!  When you have very long hair, keeping it up hleps keep it healthy and safe. It also gives you tons of styling options!! LOng hair is NEVER boring!!! just check you tube for long hair updos, you will be bombarded!!

so, today we want to know what we are lacking that you are looking for!!Or what we do that you love and do not want to see change!

Thank you so much for your patronage, your encouragement and your continued support..also for commenting here, and be honest!! we are ready to start a new pattern, a new design, and want your input!
Much love and thanks in advance to you all!
Kimi & Stacy


  1. I have long hair and also my mother your hair forks are very unique. How about some more hair sticks with a extra classic feminine touch ;0)

  2. We want to know, what do you want to see in your hairfork makers?
    - Honesty, integrity, fair pricing and excellent customer service. You guys do wonders across the board here.

    what is missing in the hair toy industry?
    - Quality. While I feel Gratoe has the quality aspect down pat, so many other toys are fragile and overpriced.

    what makes our forks your favorite, or your least favorite?
    -- What I love about your forks is the natural organic shape, the hold, the way you let the natural beauty of the wood shine. And you humor my increasingly outlandish custom requests ;)

    what would YOU do different, or want us to do better for our hair forks?
    -- More light forks :) The woods I tend to like are very dense and heavy (Lignium vitae and ebony), which can make for a very heavy fork. Many of your designs are lovely, but just too much for my hair, both weight-wise and width-wise

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks Ruth!
    WHat would you feel is an extra classic feminine touch? please be specific, as everyone as has a different idea of that! Love to hear more!

  4. Thank you Nightblooming, for your positive encouragements,! we are working on a micro line of forks that are our shapes but much smaller and thinner, with reinforced tops for strength! we don't want to add to the already present forks that snap at the top with hair pressures!!
    WE will work on this for you!! thank you for your candid replies! we love and appreciate it very much!

  5. So glad to see you have a Mini-site on Handmade Spark. I have you on my XMAS list this year to order something special for my daughter-in-law. She has very dark hair with red lights...I think one of the GOREOUS red forks would be perfect. Hope you will please keep HIDE A HEART HERE in mind when making your holiday list too. Have a great day!

  6. PS: Is it possible to add some 'bling' to a hair fork?

  7. Hi Hide-a-Heart! Thanks for your comments! yes! it is absolutely possible to add "bling" to a hairfork!
    i have lots of flashy stuff here, swarovski crystals and medallions with crystals in them and we can find about anything you want ! most folks seem to like natural better so we only do that on request!! but we would make anythign you want!

  8. Hello :)

    Well, I would like to see more forks with your beautiful stone-inlays.


  9. Yes, I'm really late commenting on this. Sorry!

    I'd like to see more longer forks. I need at least five inches of functional length and not many of yours have that. My hair is tailbone but very thick.
    I'd probably like to see less wood burning because even though it's pretty I've seen some where I love the wood but not the design.
    Could maybe you add a key to the sizes on Etsy, basically explaining the differnces in sizes and things of the difference lines? Just to have an at a glance thing to look at.

    I only have one of your forks so far but I really do intend to buy more!