Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We are getting faster !

we have been making hair forks for almost  2 years now! in November it will be our 2 year anniversary on Etsy! and we have learned alot, changed alot, and gotten much faster at a lot of what we make..so...for YOU..we have changed our pricing on some items that may please you and your wallet and your hair! The items we can now do alot faster have better , more affordable prices! There are still some things that just take time, no matter what, like sword handles, and 5 tine forks,...but our biggest sellers, the 3 tine lillis are going to be more affordable in the exotic woods! also the 2 prong mermaids tails forks! WHOOHOO!!
SO, a big thank you to all of our customers who have given us so much practice :D and we hope you will continue to support that practice while enjoying the new prices!! we love you all dearly, for real, and love that you can have a useful, sturdy, hair fork or stick to keep your hair safe and growing long!!
WE are also listing some forks on Artfire through the holidays, so be sure to check both of our shops, they will have different hair toys in them!

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on your growth! I wish I had long hair so I could wear your hair forks!!! They are beautiful.