Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Sunday!

We hope you are having a lovely and relaxing day of rest today! We have just listed alot of new forks this week and have amny more on the way, many with fall or autumn themes, we got a new batch of glass evil eyes for the Halloween season and we have ordered some new wood at the request of many customers..Apple wood! we also found a beautiful piece fo zircote that we believe will make some exotic and amazing new forks...

We have to set a cut off date for our custom orders for the holidays so we wanted you to be able to plan for that now. Our international customers will need to have thier custom orders placed by Oct 15th, and for domestic or inthe US orders, by Oct 30th...we need 2-3 weeks to complete them, depending on what they are and then of course shipping times are much slower after that we want to allow for that as well. We are able to offer expedited shipping for an extra fee and if you are interested int hat please send us an email or convo, we will respond very quickly to you!
There are so many fun findings out there, i hope you find something you love in what we have chosen to decorate our hairforks with and we gladly take custom requests for whatever you would like on them!
we tend to go with earthy and bizarre on our own, so if you are looking for something different , please feel free to ask! i wil do my best to find it ,or you can send us what you want on your fork and we will work with youto accomplish that as well.

The safety and health of your long locks is very important to us, and we have designed our forks to be different that what has been available, to be strong and not break with hair pressures, and to be organic and unique, crafted to be heirloom quality and last you through all hair lengths. If you have any questions about our hair art, or about hair in general, please feel free to ask that as well, and we will do our best to get you fitted to the right fork for your hair, help you with any hair issues you may have or send you to the right people to get answers!
Please be sure to check out the shop for hair treatments that are resotrative and healing as well as fabulous smelling!
ANd, i have ablog post coming this week about another fabulous item for hair fun that i found at  and there will eb pictures to demontrate the fun as well.
FOr now, have a lovely day and take care of those tresses! i hope you enjoyed the pictures here!