Monday, July 5, 2010

Positive thoughts for Monday!

"If little acts of kindness make our own lives better and do good for someone else, why in the world don't we do more of it."

You always project on the outside, how you feel on the inside.

The most important opinion you'll ever have is the one you hold of yourself.

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful.

Happy Monday, Everyone! I hope that all was safe and fun over the weekend and holiday for us americans! I, unfortunately, have a dog that is deathly afraid of fireworks noises....she had a terrible night, hence so did I! She was crying and shking, her heart was racing so fast i really thought she was going to have heart failure...i went out of the bedroom, where she kept jumping up on us, and layed on the floor with her for a while, trying to sing to her, pray for her, pet her and calm her...i think i will see if there is a doggie valium i can get for her next fireworks holiday!

Over the weekend we were in the garage making making that today i could be listing as our hair forks sell! we have a box of items not listed so if you are looking for something not in the shop just ask, we may have it here in line!
Much Monday love to you all

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