Sunday, July 11, 2010

Of Dragons and Wings...

As the silk oak dwindles,we begin to use the small pieces for inlays.
This pair of wings inside a Dragon Wings hairstick are amazing! the grain in the wood looks like feather/scales and the silver around them really adds the touch that is needed to top off a perfectly amazing hairstick! These wings curve back along the head, and they are exquisitely carved. Each wing is detailed with the tendons and the flight membranes visible, the frontal shoulders are where the inlay has been placed.
We have more Dragon Wing hair sticks coming, not all in ebony! and each one has its own character, colors, markings and shapes.
An action shot will follow soon, i have not even finished this one yet but i love it so much i had to show it off!
Hope everyone is having a great ,restful Summer Sunday!
love to you all

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  1. I'm wearing my wings today. ^_^ I look forward to seeing more!