Thursday, July 1, 2010

CELEBRATE the fourth of July, world over...

OK, OK, i can't stand it!
we are having a sale on our hand mirrors and wooden  star /snowflakes!!!!
We have marked the hand mirrors down 30%!!!!! They are crafted to the highest standard, i would call then heirloom mirrors, and made with the beauty of the wood being the focus, nothing fancy on the backs. We designed them to sit down into the wood, so that the wood frame keeps the glass from touching any surface that you may set it on, reducing the risk of scratches!  That being said, i have managed to scratch 2 of the mirrors while handling them through the studio and moving them around so much, those 2 mirrors are over 60% marked down! the scratches are very small, still a very beautiful piece of art to have!
We have also taken $5 off of the box of wooden stars / snowflakes in celebration of the holiday!
but even our European customers can take advantage of this sale! it will run From , well, NOW, until sunday night!!
I am so terrible at keeping surprises....good for you though!
Much love to you all,

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